James Adam specialise in finishes whether polished or painted.  Clients can provide their own sample for our team to replicate.

Louis XV and XVI Finishes

Louis XV and XVI Finishes Just a selection of the wonderful variety of painted and polished finishes available for the seasoned Beech frame of our Louis XV and Louis XVI bedsteads
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Provence and Colonial Four Poster Finishes

Provence and Colonial Four Poster Finishes Our Rosewood Bedsteads are avaiable in two finishes pictured below. A Clear Natural Rosewood colour and a darker Medium finish.

These finishes available on the Provence, Opulent Provence, Charleston Four Poster, American Tobacco and High Post Campaign Four poster Bedsteads
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Cherrywood Finishes

Cherrywood Finishes Cherrywood and oak can be polished from a very light to a very dark finish. It can also be painted in many different colours.
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Occasional piece Finishes

Occasional piece Finishes These are a selection of Finishes that are available on some selected pieces.

These are a particularly glamorous set of paint finishes. Please enquire
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